Monday, August 30, 2010

What the Bitch?!

Well, what to say? Um, I guess I'll give a run down on the comics I've made starting from the earliest:
The Adventures of the Idiotic Guards: 5-ish Comics (CANCELED, DEAR GOD IS THIS ONE CANCELED!)
RANDOM!: 8 Comics (Canceled)
CTF Warz: 1 Comic (Canceled, didn't even make it past one... So much potential... D: )
Psycho-Monkey and Friends: 12 Comics (Canceled)
The Rescue: 2 Comics (Canceled)
Quotes: 5 Comics (Canceled, I might actually bring this one BACK cause it was so simply to do)
(This is where I started to shift from Gmod into actual drawings.)
Chimpy and Friends: 5 Comics (Canceled)
Happy Hour: 54 Comics (Canceled, might come back in some form or another- actually no.)
Penguins: 3 Comics (This one IS coming back! I swear! Someday...)
Psycho-Monkey Presents: 12 Comics
Anorexic Teenage Nerdy Godzilla: 1 Comic
So that is like what? 108 comics so far and still going. Shit...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Future Comic Blog

Ello everyone, this is going to become a future comic blog. I'm a comic maker. I have been making comics since, I believe 2005 and so far have made only 109 comics. Too little or too much or just right? I have no fucking idea. I first started with Gmod then after an epiphany (more like my computer crashing reverting to seek refuge to a ten year old laptop which I am still using to this day), I started to draw comics, rather than pose.

Hopefully this will bud into something magnificent. If it doesn't, at least I have a backup to all my comics.