Comic Run-Down

The Adventures of the Idiotic Guards: 5-ish Comics
A very amateurish comic that I made back when I was starting to get a hang of Gmod. At first it started out really well, don’t remember what the fuck the story was about… Oh wait… It was about the adventures of the idiotic guards!! How descriptive of the title to explain what the overall series was about. All in all, for a first time, it was pretty damn good at first. The layout was used in PowerPoint, that much I remember and the characters were less than original and fell into the cliché of squad mates with distinctive personalities and a mysterious past.

RANDOM!: 8 Comics
Ah, now here is where I started to shine. Yes, it was more or less the same as A.I.G but more structured and less ridiculous. I had distinctive characters with distinctive personalities. I had five main characters, four male and one female. The hardest part was trying to figure out who the fuck would talk next. The character that would recur the most that started from this serious was - my favorite- Blasty. Blasty was the explosive guy, he knew everything about explosives and was insane. So he became the most fun character I’ve ever used and has showed up whenever I possibly could add him. Unfortunately, this series died as the jokes started to suck… bad. However, the early ones were pure gold.

CTF Warz: 1 Comic
Now this one had a lot of potential. Sounded like Red vs. Blue, but, in my opinion, was different. This one also had Blasty in it, because he’s perfect in this setting. Alas, I don’t have much to say about this comic because I only made one issue.

Psycho-Monkey and Friends: 12 Comics
This series was basically, “he this is me and my friends and this is our adventures! Yeah!” Blasty was of course in this one. Am interesting note, is that I also put myself in this comic, my alter-ego if you will. Whom I imagined to have bandages on certain spots of the face and used a stop sign as a weapon. I thought the stop sign was cool. Unlike the others - just kidding - this series started to become unfunny particulary the last ones, comics 8, 9, 11, and 12. I don’t even know what the fuck happened to number 10 but I’m assuming it sucked. It was good while it lasted. I’m also starting to see a pattern on the longevity of my comics…

The Rescue: 2 Comics
This comics was a mini-series featuring, who else, Psycho-Monkey and Blasty. Yet, this was different then just being a, “hey random shit happening!” This was a mini-series, as I stated just a few sentences ago. The story was that Gunny was captured - Gunny was a dude who was an expert with guns and as such was very skilled with them. A mystery was put as to how he was captured as Psycho-Monkey states that dude is “made out of guns.” Unlike the others, this one didn’t become unfunny… I just lost interest… And my computer contracted a virus and I lost all of my comics. Thankfully I made a backup of only the ones that were complete which consisted of only, The Rescue, Quotes, and PM&F. Son of a bitch…

Quotes: 5 Comics
Quotes was the simplest thing I have ever done, and it shall remain the simplest thing I will ever do. Yet, somehow… I lost interest in it… The whole premise was that I would find some kind of quote - with meaning or is just funny and pose some setting based on chosen quote. So easy a caveman can do it (Lame… I know). Seriously it was that easy to do

Around this time - actually at this time - I started a notable change in my comics, diverging from Gmod comics where one would pose characters for a comic to me actually drawing something that seemed funny (actually what the fuck does that sentence mean?). This change was actually forced as my computer died and now I do everything on a crappy six year old laptop and a crappy desktop that has an integrated graphics card! So from then on, all my comics would be drawn - out.

Andrew's Super Secret Birthday Comic!
A comic for my friend, I have A LOT of these old ones. Like everyother comic, Blasty was part of it. Well, my friend never got the comic because I never finished it...

Chimpy and Friends: 5 Comics
Now this was a keeper. I have two aliases, Chimpy and Psycho-Monkey, and since I already used one - I decided to use the other. The style of my drawings originated from Rayman. Remember that dude? No arms or legs or a neck? Well, as it turned out, I can’t draw proportionally right arms and legs and necks. So what better way to draw them, than not draw them at all? This only lasted five comics before I adopted a more “daily” friendly style. If there is something I can say about Chimpy and Friends, it’s that it was more of a pilot than anything else, and was the precursor to Happy Hour. Also, I think this was the last appearance of Blasty... or maybe he was never in this one...

Happy Hour: 54 Comics
Happy Hour was basically Chimpy and Friends but less stylish with a more “daily” friendly style. When I say daily friendly, I mean that I can easily reuse the characters - and I do mean easily - whereas Chimpy and Friends, I had to give people hair or different kinds of feet etc. Most people compared Happy Hour to Cyanide and Happiness and that basically was the format. Happy Hour is actually the longest running series I’ve ever done and - HOLY SHIT- fell into that same pattern. It just stopped being funny.

Penguins: 3 Comics
I wanted to go in a completely different direction and decided to make a comic based around Penguins! Nuff said.

Psycho-Monkey Presents: 13 Comics
Imagine PM&F, but drawn and doesn’t have Psycho-Monkey, Blasty, or Gunny. That’s basically what you got. Just a random comic series. Not as random as Happy Hour, mind you. PMP was more structured and had more elaborate drawings. The thing I can about this comic series is that it had no specific style. One comic there are actual drawn people, the next stick figures, and the next disembodied heads, and the next Cloverfield parasites. Unlike the others, this one is dead… yet. It still has yet to be unfunny, but it's a twelve so I might as well just end it, just like PM&F (just kidding).

Anorexic Teenage Nerdy Godzilla: 2 Comic
The newest CANCELED comic series. I am actually VERY excited for this series because it has an anorexic teenage nerdy Godzilla! Fun is bound to ensue! Just keep an eye out for this one!